Saturday, June 17, 2006

Blogging from the Summit

Waldo has a great post about the first day of the summit here, but I had a few thoughts of my own. (Of course, it helps if you have all of your notes when you start to write. Mine were in the truck when I wrote the initial draft of this, so it is being posted at the end of the second day. Musings about day two will be posted later today.)

Virginia's Attorney General Bob McDonnell was the opening speaker for the summit. While I really enjoyed the information about laws that affect blogging, I have to smile at the joke that really bombed during his talk. After claiming to know very little about technology, he then told us he had two blogs--one of which was entitled "Not Creigh Deeds." No one in the room laughed. Yes, Mr. McDonnell, it has always been readily apparent that you are NOT Creigh Deeds. (The real Creigh Deeds did come to Al Weed's social hour at the Biltmore Grill. I enjoyed listening to the conversation surrounding him--much of it very passionate at times. Having worked the recount in December, I wish we had all worked a little harder to bring a few more Democratic voters to the precincts in each locality last November.)

Following Mr. McDonnell was Dr. Robert Holsworth from VCU. He talked on three main points: the budget problems surrounding transportation, the 2006 midterms involving Webb and Allen, and the 2008 races with Warner and Allen. During the discussion, he gave a four-point list of why George Allen would probably win the 2006 general election this November. The reasons are: a) he's popular, b) he beat Robb, c) he hasn't aggravated anyone , and d) he enjoys campaigning.

I found the list interesting, but would like to ask "Dr. Bob" about the third item: Has he really EXCITED anyone either? Has he introduced or promoted any legislation in Congress that will benefit Virginia and encourage voters across the state to turn out for him? Will his comments in Iowa about wishing he was from that state hurt him in the long run? Will his stated boredom in Congress affect the attitudes of the voters? I guess only time will tell.

I attended the session by Jon Henke and Waldo Jaquith on "Enhancing and Promoting Your Blog." There were several useful ideas that I obtained from their presentation, as well as information on other blogging applications and plug-ins that can be used to streamline the blogging and commenting process. Great job, guys!

Jerome Armstrong was a great speaker in my opinion. Having already read Crashing the Gate, I found his comments very interesting. I also appreciated the fact that he invited questions and comments from the group. Bloggers do have opinions and the ones here at the summit are expressing theirs whenever there is an opportunity. I enjoy the discourse that arises from the expression of their opinions and the questions asked of the speakers and panelists.

I have also met several people at the summit that I know only from reading the Virginia Political Blogs aggregator. (What a great forum it is! Thanks, Waldo.) While it's not always possible to read every post that appears on it, I have come to know and appreciate the writings of several people. I am also amazed at how young some of them are. These young bloggers' posts are very insightful and well-written. I'm glad to know that they are the future of our country.

Well, off for the second day of the summit! (Although I'll be going to Bodo's this morning for breakfast with the Charlottesville bloggers, I can't wait to see what Amber and the Sorenson Institute crew have lined up for lunch. Dinner last night was awesome.)


At 10:16 PM, Blogger Vivian J. Paige said...

It was really nice to meet you! Thanks for helping to make this a fun event for me.

At 6:59 AM, Blogger Lisa said...

Me? You are the one that's so much fun. :)

At 1:28 PM, Blogger puppydog said...

Just wondering what ever happened with the complaint against Bern. Did the FEC fine him yet?

At 2:09 PM, Blogger Lisa said...

There is a MUR (Matter under Review) number assigned to the complaint. As soon as they have made some kind of decision--one way or the other, I will get another letter from the FEC. As it stands right now, they are either gathering or examining evidence regarding the situation. That's all I know right now.


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