Thursday, June 08, 2006

I can't wait...

I can't wait until the Senatorial election is over on Tuesday, June 13. I'm really tired of the negative Harris Miller flyers and robo-calls I've been getting regularly. I was even targeted with the Democratic Women flyer at the end of last week. So, opening the mailbox today and finding another one just makes me want to get...I don't know, violent or something. I'm already grouchy. It's the last week of school for students and I desperately need my summer break.

But what did I get instead of a nice quiet evening tonight? I get a new Miller flyer asking me how I can "trust Webb to support Democratic values when he supports Republican candidates." You know, it's funny--I could swear I heard something about Harris Miller making donations to GOP candidates.

The remark about Webb praising Ronald Reagan was also amusing, since Ronald Reagan is the President that won last month's poll about the most popular president in recent history. I'm sure that Democrats as well as Republicans were among the group that voted him into the leading position--with Bill Clinton as the runner-up.

I laughed at the Webb remark about Clinton's presidency being the "most corrupt administration in modern memory." Many other people consider Clinton's presidency to be corrupt too. Although I'm almost as old as dirt (just ask my children), I can barely remember Richard Nixon's presidency, which is probably the most scandal-ridden one to which I can think way way back. [The main thing I remember about President Nixon is seeing his picture in a Scholastic Weekly magazine I got at school in first or second grade.] Iran-Contra and the elder Bush administration also rank close in there for problems. However, I don't think any of those (Nixon, Bush I or Clinton) are as morally AND legally corrupt as the current Bush administration. The entire inner circle is responsible for a lot of the problems that the United States is currently facing both at home and abroad. So, give me a break on the Clinton corruption too.

Why don't we talk instead about what Harris Miller was doing while Webb was making all of the comments that are being broadcast by the Miller campaign. Harris was representing IT companies in Congress to send jobs overseas--including jobs that are negatively affecting Southside Virginia at this very moment. Harris was making money as a corporate lobbyist--personal money he is now using to fund this negative garbage that I keep finding in my mailbox or hearing on my phone. And Harris was making donations to various Republicans running for office--and not just those in Virginia.

So, when it comes to voting next Tuesday, for whom will I cast my ballot? The one with the least negative campaigning and advertising. The one with the military background and know-how to help bring our troops home. The one that doesn't deny what he has done, but uses it as an example of why he made a change back to the Democratic Party. The fact that he is back in the Democratic Party is a reason to celebrate. I see it as a blessing, not a curse. Of course, I'm not trying to beat him in the primary. And with all this negative campaigning, Harris Miller probably won't beat him either.


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