Thursday, May 25, 2006

Treated like "regular folks"?

With Representative William Jefferson (D-LA) being in the midst of a federal investigation involving bribery, it is refreshing to see one Senator supporting the view that Congress be treated just like regular folks. Virginia's own John Warner (R) issued a statement on Wednesday that said:

I think it's very important that Congress be treated no differently than the average citizen when it comes to criminal matters.

Of course, I am not surprised that the President has frozen the access to documents taken from the Congressman's office. I personally see this as a way of preventing the FBI from later seizing information from the offices of corrupt Republicans in Washington, D.C. (including the 5th District's Virgil Goode). Given Bush's past record of changing/ignoring the laws to suit himself and the actions of his adminstration and making documents classified when they are requested for other federal investigations, I would expect no less from our Dear Leader, who thinks he's the king rather than a servant of the people.


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