Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Read anything lately?

I got a letter from Al Weed today in response to the last Bern Ewert flyer that I received. I’m sure there were several different letters again, since mine addresses uncommitted delegates. As seems typical of the Weed campaign, this one was also printed on their stationery and personally signed by Al. I’ve got to hand it to them—they don’t skimp when it comes to communicating with the delegates to this Saturday’s convention in Buckingham. I’m sure that the cost of mailing 196 letters to delegates several times to provide details about Saturday or clear up mistruths (at $76.44 a pop just for postage each time) is not quite how they planned to spend donated funds. But sometimes you have to do it anyway. (If anyone would like to see a copy of the letter, please let me know.)

Speaking of reading something, did anyone read the latest Daily Progress article on the Ewert/Weed race? Bob Gibson’s piece can be found here. He talks to each of the candidates as well as 5th District Chairman Fred Hudson, former Delegate Mitchell Van Yahres and Charlottesville resident and Weed delegate Virginia Germino. I’ll have to check some of the other 5th District newspapers to see if they are also covering this story.

UPDATE: According to reliable sources, Virginia Germino is an alternate delegate to Saturday's 5th District Convention. I apologize for passing on this mistake in my post.


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