Saturday, May 13, 2006

Politics in the mail as well

I got more political information today than just the weird call from the RNC.

I got a Harris Miller flyer, which I much prefer to any robo-call. Funny, though—none of the pictures included looked like some of the ones I’ve seen on other blogs in recent weeks. Every one was an excellent shot (no eyes closed, no mouth open, no weird expressions). Harris says that we can count on him “for real change.” I’d much prefer the dollars that Republicans keep giving to their own, but I do agree that we must shift the balance of power to the Democrats and take back our country. However, the information I’ve seen lately about his record shows that he is probably not likely to alter the way that things are being done. (In spite of the union baggage he’s carrying, the flyer did carry a union logo, however. That’s one thing I like to see on candidate information.)

I also got a letter from Al Weed. There were three letters sent from what I understand—different letters to Ewert supporters, Weed supporters, and uncommitted delegates like me. Unlike the one I received from Bern on Friday, this one had my mailing address, my name in the salutation line and was personally signed by the candidate. (No photocopied “Dear Friends” low budget communication here.) While I understand this is standard fare for convention delegates, it is nice to see that personal touch. It makes you feel you have an important role in the political arena.

As an uncommitted delegate, Al congratulated me on being elected and outlined his plans for the future (dependent upon being nominated by the district this coming Saturday to run against Virgil Goode). In the two different letters I’ve seen, there were no attacks on his primary candidate. And considering the fallout from Weed supporters over Bern’s request to Al’s delegates to change their vote, I doubt there was a request to Ewert delegates to break their promises to Bern.

If anyone wants to see a copy of the letter from Al Weed, just let me know. I’ll be happy to scan and post it for you.


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