Sunday, May 14, 2006

Desperation in Bern Ewert's Campaign?

All I can say is: Wow! After all the hoopla raised about a previous Weed flyer, Bern has now attacked Al Weed one week before the 5th District Convention.

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He attacks Al on three major points (immigration, jobs and gay marriage) and shows in his discourse that he has very little working knowledge about any of them. He has also proven that he doesn’t know the people in the entire district or their livelihood very well either. He has gone out so far from reality—into outer space even—that I’m surprised he’s still able to breathe any air.

On immigration, Bern makes a connection that illegal immigrants and migrant workers are the same thing. How ludicrous! There are several market farmers in Cumberland County who use migrant labor to harvest vegetables and small fruits, not to mention working in the Tyson chicken houses they may operate as well. I teach the migrant children when they are here and send them back to Florida in the winter to harvest citrus each year. Migrant workers are very hard working individuals who earn their money often by toiling in the hot sun to earn money for their families. They are not illegal aliens and have the visas to prove it. And, believe me, there are few competitors for the jobs they are doing in Cumberland. This same scenario is played out in counties across this district—if Bern had bothered to check his data.

On jobs, once again Bern Ewert has dragged out the same old tired employment statistics—without providing even a shred of evidence. I’ve gone out to the VEC websites myself and posted the data from them showing that he is wrong. He talks about the numbers—but never provides actual documentation of his figures or their validity. Let’s also talk about Bern’s success in Southside for a minute. What happened at Explore Park? Isn’t it ironic that after not having his contract renewed by the River Foundation amidst claims of mismanagement in the Roanoke Times Bern actually left the country for several years [the accounts differ (three, three and a half, or four years) depending upon where you look and what Bern has said in various newspaper articles]. How convenient! And what about the Virgil Goode/Dickie Cranwell/Bern Ewert connection? They worked closely together during that same Explore Park experience. Virgil was in the State Senate, Dickie was in the House and Bern was in charge of Explore Park and was working with both of them to obtain funding, favorable legislative changes, and support. It is also laughable that Dickie supported Bern’s run for Congress, but neither could find the copy of the letter written early last year. Is that another example of his success? Not in my book. The successful businessmen I know can find their paperwork, since responding to lawsuits or complaints make the documentation of vital importance.

His information about Gay Marriage is also a hoot. He doesn’t even state his position on the matter, but once again mentions his work in civil rights as evidence that he is the answer to these “considerations.” In his public appearances he has pandered to African-Americans and women when making his points about his civil rights record—by referring to them specifically in his answers to the questions. I’ve even asked him to provide information on this “supposed” record and never heard a word from him to support his claims. Now he offers the absurd idea that he is the end all, be all savior of civil rights for everyone. His comments about “not redefining marriage” and “not denying gay people their rights” make him look more like a homophobe than anything. Where do you stand on this issue, Bern?

Actually, Bern, where do you stand on any of the issues? Do you have ANY new ideas or are you content to just talk about yourself and your undocumented record in public without offering any suggestions other than the same old tired ones that have already been tried? I’ve already asked these questions several times before—and I’m still waiting for my answers.


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