Saturday, May 13, 2006

Buckingham County Day

Today was Buckingham County Day. An excellent job of organizing the event helped to make it a very successful day for many of the clubs and vendors on the grounds. The great weather helped too.

Both Al Weed and Bern Ewert were in attendance. Virgil Goode was also there for a little while. Al and Virgil participated in the parade, but I didn’t see a vehicle with Bern’s name on it. Someone please correct me, if I’m wrong.

Virgil had rented a huge white limousine that had local residents talking. He also was handing out his usual pencils along the parade route. I saw him a couple of times around the grounds, including once at the Buckingham County Democratic Committee booth when he greeted Al and his staff.

Al was in his modified Checker cab. I looked over the vehicle while his staff decorated it. He had added a pickup bed to the back and had done an excellent job. Al had several volunteers as well as his campaign staff assisting him in handing out literature and greeting voters.

I saw Bern several times. However, other than one other man with a Ewert sticker on his shirt who looking for the Democratic Committee booth when I arrived at the grounds around 10 A.M., I saw no other Ewert-identified workers. There wasn’t even any campaign literature at the booth. Perhaps the letters he’s sending delegates are taking the place of letting the public know that he’s still running for Congress and hoping for the 5th District nomination on Saturday.

The food was good, the drinks were cold, and the weather was just right for a festival in the spring. Pictures are being posted at this site.


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