Thursday, May 18, 2006

Another email makes the rounds

This email from Bern Ewert about Saturday’s 5th District Convention (printed as received) is going around the 5th District:

Dear ________ (name withheld),

The Virginia Democratic Rules govern this Convention and not the personal interpretations of any one individual. Those rules state that delegates can not be bound, only pledged. I am following the rules to the letter of those rules and only stating facts in my literature. I am running to help the people of the entire district and in part icular the unemployed in Southside Virginia, which would have the highest unemployment in America were it not for the devestated communities of the Gulf Coast. This nomination will be decided by the entire 5th District delegation, as it should be. I do not understand why you would deny the people of Southside the opportunity to speak their mind at the convention.

Best wishes, Bern Ewert

Isn’t it funny? He’s never once really come out with any ideas (new or not recycled) and outlined how he can help anyone in this district. Of course, it’s easy to see that he’s now pandering to the unemployed in Southside. Has anyone heard what’s he has offered to do for them? But wait, I bet he would only pledge to support them and provide assistance in their time of need. Based on his own words and actions, we all know that means he can’t be bound to those promises. Sounds like good old fashioned Republican politics to me!


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