Sunday, May 21, 2006

What's your favorite political/campaign button?

Last night, while looking at different fundraising ideas, I came across some buttons designed specifically for Democrats. There were several I liked, although most didn't even come close to State Senator Roscoe Reynolds' quip at the 5th District Dinner in March: "Jesus didn't ride in on an elephant." Some were a little more hopeful (listing various candidates for President in 2008) and some were heading toward profane. [Don't get me wrong. The profane buttons are okay, unless you have impressionable school-aged children or live in a community where your every movement and action are often fodder for the gossip-mongers and passed on to your boss at the first opportunity. I qualify on both those counts.]

Still, I'd have to say my favorite (although definitely a little risqué in my house and community) is:

Love a Democrat. Whoever heard of a good piece of elephant?

With the primary upon us and the general election less than six months away, we'll be seeing more campaign buttons and bumper stickers as we go along. What's your favorite all-time political or campaign saying?


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At 1:46 PM, Blogger Dan Kachur said...

Yeah, the nice piece of elephant one is good, but it seems every college Dem group in the nation has stuck it on a t-shirt. It's a little old.

Good blog.


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