Saturday, June 10, 2006

Letter to the editor about stolen campaign signs

The following letter is being sent to the editors of The Farmville Herald and The Cumberland Bulletin:


In the last few weeks, eighteen political signs for two different Democratic candidates have been taken down from one piece of private property on Route 60 in Cumberland. I replaced signs for the fifth time on Thursday, June 8. In addition, I called the Cumberland Sheriff’s Department from the site to report the stolen signs. Around midnight on Friday night (June 9), the signs were missing again and I called the Sheriff’s office once more (on Saturday morning). This is the third time that a report has been made to the department.

The person(s) stealing the signs obviously don’t know that the removal of political signs is considered petty larceny. The property owner could also charge the thief/thieves with trespassing or allow the Sheriff to do so, since permission was given to locate the signs there. Hopefully this letter will let the thief/thieves know so whoever is involved can discontinue their illegal activity.

Lisa Blanton, member
Cumberland County Democratic Committee

This situation is fast becoming ridiculous.

UPDATE--Saturday at 1 P.M.: The signs that were put up last night (Friday) around midnight have disappeared again--for a total of 24 Jim Webb/Al Weed signs that have been taken down. So, I've made another call to the Sheriff--and we'll be putting up more signs in a little while.


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