Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Republicans hoping for Bush numbers

Michael posted a link to National Journal’s The Hotline today. The story was about the Republican National Committee memo telling Republicans not to criticize President Bush. The basis of the memo is “If Bush drops, we (Republicans) all drop.”

I found the comments to be very much what I would expect from Democrats who are angry about the current state of our nation and those government officials who have caused it. One comment, however, struck me in the list. It was:

*Wanna get elected?

Be competent.

Be honest.

Be responsive to greater good instead of catering to the whims of corporate overseers.

Get it?

Show some integrity.

B. Butler | 03.28.06 07:39 PM*

This entire piece speaks to me on so many levels, but the third item on being “responsive to the greater good instead of catering to…corporate overseers” made me think of the mess in Washington with Duke Cunningham, Jack Abramoff, Tom DeLay and MZM’s Mitchell Wade. Wonder if Virgil reads The Hotline? If not, I'm sure he might have seen it in other places--because it's being discussed all over the web.

UPDATE: Not sure what the President's approval rating looks like across the US? I found a link to this picture while looking around on Waldo's site. His comment:

There are now three "red states” in the entire nation. From sea to shining sea, shades of blue.

How sweet it is!


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