Sunday, March 26, 2006

For the record

Including the Danville breakfast on February 24, 2006, I have met Al Weed twice (the first time was in his 2004 run for Congress) and Bern Ewert once. I have not met or talked to either one since. Bern had told me that day to contact him with my concerns. I did by email and got no response. I emailed his campaign's webmaster too with the same result. I have sent emails to both candidates and their campaigns asking questions, etc.--most of which are posted on this blog. I finally got a response from Bern's campaign saying that I clearly support the other candidate.

I haven't come out publicly or financially in support of either candidate. While Al's record is pretty complete and can be easily verified, Bern's is not. I have taken a lot of time to research both candidates. If pointing out (and filling) the gaping holes in Bern's record, highlighting the inconsistencies between his information and the public record, questioning why he doesn't answer direct questions on the issues, looking at the campaign's poor job in filing FEC paperwork, and focusing on his poor people skills and repeated involvement in public relations nightmares for the localities he has been hired to represent is seen as an automatic endorsement of Al Weed by the Ewert campaign, then I guess I've done a better job at my research than I thought.

I just know which one appears to be more honest about his record, supports his stance on the issues based on his beliefs, and is cooperative in his dealings with people. And, like many others I meet on a daily basis, an honest, ethical and cooperative person is what I want to represent me on any level of government--including local and state.


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