Friday, March 24, 2006

What was Lorenzo Grant (VA-01) thinking?

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You know, it’s bad enough that Lorenzo is almost plagiarizing Tim Kaine’s campaign materials. The conventional wisdom says that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery; but, come on, guys, show a little more originality here. A campaign is your chance to show what you can do—not how well you can mimic others’ materials. Are you going to copy his speeches and legislative agendas as well? I don’t think it will work, but you can always give it the old college try.

NOTE: An anonymous commenter on the above link says bloggers should talk about the issues instead of the campaign’s lack of creativity. So, in deference to this person who will not own up to his own comments, I will now address Lorenzo and his campaign’s poor judgment in reporting his opponent’s stand on the issues.

However, when he misquotes a Daily Progress article on that aforementioned literature to claim that the Republican incumbent doesn’t care about various issues, then he’s being downright dishonest. And that’s just not right—whether he’s a Democrat or not.

Using a December 22 Daily Press article as his source for each issue, Lorenzo claims that Jo Ann Davis’ stand on the issues is:

Transportation: No Problem. Jo Ann Davis is not aware of any transportation problem in the First District or the state.

Education: No Problem. The only educational concern Davis has is whether high school bands can give holiday concerts.

Quality-High Paying Jobs: No Problem. No public statement or action regarding this issue.

Healthcare: No Problem. Not an issue with Jo Ann Davis. You are on your own.

Public Safety: No Problem. No public statement or action regarding this issue.

Well, I looked at the article in question and I’m appalled. There is not even a mention of transportation, jobs, or public safety in the whole piece. The educational information on holiday concerts relates to a non-political Congressional resolution in support of Christmas, which has since been highly criticized—although it passed the house by a vote of 401-22. (By the way, did anyone tell Bill O’Reilly about this?)

And Lorenzo’s claim about Jo Ann and healthcare? The piece quotes her as saying she does not support a national health plan. She thinks

“everybody should have access to a large group plan, but I do not think a business should be required to pay for it.”

That’s a long way from “You are on your own.”

So, come on, Lorenzo, get YOUR facts straight. People are watching and your dishonesty could cost you some voters, if not the election. Jo Ann Davis does need to be replaced, but you should show yourself as the better candidate and get some new media materials. (Or perhaps even some new advisors!)

NOTE: A permalink to the 12/05/2005 Daily Press article is unavailable.

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