Thursday, March 23, 2006


For all that he claims to be forward thinking and has brought high-tech companies and/or jobs to various areas in which he has worked, Bern Ewert is surprisingly behind the times. His company website, where his personal email address is attached, is simply a placeholder. For those who may not understand that term, it is similar to a name card at a dinner table. It marks a spot whether anyone shows up or not.

And obviously no one is at home at Ewert and Company. Despite the fact that the site was created on September 9, 2005, no work has been done on the webpage at all. There are no pictures or projects for us to examine as a way of checking what he claims about his company on his resume. There are no testimonials from satisfied customers. There isn’t even any contact information for potential clients to utilize.

In this day of online businesses, web searches on anything from all over the globe, and immediate contact with people we don’t even know, simply having a place on the web is just not good enough in today’s world. Many people, myself included, research products and ultimately companies before we buy anything. Does this mean that Ewert and Company doesn’t have anything to sell? You’ll have to decide that for yourself.


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