Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Speaking of Education

While looking at a site of George Mason University salaries for the Spring, Fall and Summer sessions of 1995, I found the following information listed for each of the three:


(If it’s not Bern, then it must be a very close relation. And if it is him, then why isn't it listed anywhere on his resumes?)

Knowing he had worked with the Mellon Foundation as part of his work in the Czech Republic and considering that the foundation is active with George Mason, it’s not hard to guess what MELLON stands for. I also understand that the professorship was in Economics and Management, although the meaning of REF escapes me. But what I really don’t know was if the amount of $103,399 was paid for the entire 1995 year or for each specific term for which it was listed. I’m also not sure if he taught there before 1995 since that’s the first year for which the information is available. Regardless that’s a lot of money for someone who doesn’t even have a Master’s degree.


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