Sunday, March 19, 2006

Bern and Religion

Is Bern Ewert a man of faith? He never talks about it. I can find nothing in my research—not even on his campaign materials—to point out where his religious ties are currently found or even his religious background. He speaks of his professional values, but what about personal values, moral convictions, and religious affiliations?

At the February 1 DFA debate in Charlottesville, the Daily Progress reported that

One person asked how each candidate would deal with the hot-button issues of "God, guns, gays and immigration."

Ewert, from Charlottesville, said he'd stress "bread and butter" issues such as jobs and healthcare and highlight his experience in local government.

Isn’t that a non-answer? Or is it misdirection instead? I feel this is one more indication that Bern is not comfortable answering any questions that are asked of him—especially if they are not related to economic development. Shouldn’t Bern have been able to answer this question? And why do people who support him not ask him about these values more often?

On the other hand when asked the same question,

Weed, a Nelson County vintner, said that in order to win, a Democratic candidate must confront those issues head on.

"The simple answer to the four hot-button issues, God, guns, gays and immigration, is, 'I'm for them,'" Weed said. "If you dismiss them, then you lose them."

Whether you agree with his response or not, that is a direct answer to a direct question.

What do I find when I look for Bern Ewert (all of his given names) and religion on the Internet? The only hits are on his own site, where I see Bern relying on his association with Larry Campbell, Assistant Pastor at Bible Way Cathedral, to bring in voters. He is also using a 20 year-old civil rights record endorsed by the wife of a deceased Baptist minister to help in this area as well.

Is he a man of faith? Is he a man of no faith? Is he ashamed of his faith? I guess that’s between God and Bern. And neither one seems to be talking about it at all.


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