Sunday, March 19, 2006

How Sweet! (yeah, right!)

In answer to my questions about Bern’s claims in Danville about hiring African-Americans and women in Charlottesville while he worked there as deputy city manager, he has posted a letter on his site about his civil rights work in ROANOKE.

Way to go, Bern! What an excellent way to dodge the question. Do you think that will cover you from answering questions that you yourself caused to be asked? Your lack of honesty, your constant misdirection, and the inconsistencies in your record are mounting.

And I am watching…

(Now, if only he could find that letter from Dickie Cranwell!)


At 2:21 PM, Blogger Michael Snook said...

have we ever gotten an answer about how many black employees held leadership positions after his time as assistance city manager in charlottesville? (compared to before, of course)

I heard the question raised, but never heard an answer...

At 8:38 PM, Blogger Lisa said...

Of course not, since he seems to think he's above answering questions. It is my impression that he is responding to my questions with this bit of fluff, since he cannot honestly come up with facts to support the claims he made in Danville when I was there (or at the DFA forum on February 1 as well).

As a matter of fact, in my recent research I found someone else who was still claiming that segregation and lack of opportunity for young African Americans still exist in Charlottesville.

And this does not even discuss the role of women in Charlottesville government positions as well.


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