Monday, March 06, 2006


Sometimes it's amazing what you find while researching the Houston (TX) Chronicle. Check here and here.

I can imagine that Galveston residents were upset in the first article about the poor image being projected by both elected and hired (if interim) city officials. It’s just not good public relations, now is it? And while Bern may or may not have been surly and throwing his weight around in the illegal parking incident in Galveston, the story has a similar pattern to the other articles I’ve found about his "temper."

And even more surprising was this link. As a working woman, I would hate to think I had to contend with this man continuing in his position and supporting me in a sexual harassment complaint. Whether the woman arrested had been drinking or not, I feel Bern’s assistant city manager was out of line in several ways. His continued employment sends a poor public relations message about the administration’s acceptance of such reprehensible behavior. It is my sincerest hope he was such an awesome employee that accepting his resignation would have hurt the city terribly. But I won’t hold my breath on that.


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