Saturday, March 04, 2006

A new question for the candidates

The latest in my quest for answers, this message was sent to candidates Bern Ewert and Al Weed just a few minutes ago:

- - - - - - - -
You are both businessmen in the 5th District, although in different industries. So, let’s consider your campaigns as businesses for the sake of this question.

As businessmen you often have to decide which products or services your consumers will buy. Both of you currently have issues which you are trying to “sell” to the 5th District voters. Therefore: Besides jobs and economic development (which is a no-brainer in Southside Virginia), if you could only “advertise” three of your issues for voters to support, then which ones would you select and why? Pick your top three (after jobs/economic development) and briefly tell why they are so important to your campaign in making things better for the constituents in the 5th District.

I look forward to your responses and will be posting this question on my blog momentarily.
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I don't know about you; but, as usual, I'm really interested in seeing the answers.


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