Friday, March 03, 2006

Ruff slams Goode’s Democratic Opponents

From the Friday edition of The Farmville Herald:

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Rep. Goode Has 'The Highest Character'

Editor, The Herald:

I write in amazement that Congressman Virgil Goode's potential opponents in this fall's election have made the following statements regarding Mitchell Wade and his company:

Al Weed was quoted saying, "there is a strong taint about the whole thing."

Bern Ewert said that he was "very sad about this continuing story" and that he wanted to "bring honest representation to Washington."

Let me clearly state what the people of the Fifth Congressional District already understand— that we presently have good and honest representation in Virgil Goode and there is absolutely no "taint" surrounding his name.

I have been privileged to know Virgil Goode for over 30 years. I have always considered Virgil a man of the highest character, integrity and honesty.

Virgil Goode has been working tirelessly to bring jobs and economic opportunity to our communities. Our region has been devastated by the loss of Jobs over the last decade and Congressman Goode is constantly working with local leaders to revitalize the economy in our communities.

I find it truly amazing that anyone would even consider running for any office by attacking an incumbent whose morals are beyond reproach for working to create needed jobs.

Virgil Goode's character is beyond question (emphasis mine!)—his political opponent's motives, in my opinion, are not.

Frank Ruff


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Does “beyond question” refer to being at a level above everyone and that he is not responsible to answer the questions posed by not only his constituents but also the public at large (including the media)?

And if he has been working so tirelessly to bring all these wonderful things to Southside Virginia, I hope Mr. Ruff (excuse me, Republican State Senator Ruff) will start to count the actual number of bills that Goode has proposed or written that benefited the area. And, if all the jobs and businesses have been lost in the last decade, perhaps he can also tell me who has been our Congressman for the last ten years? Give me a break!

Virgil may have been of “the highest character, integrity and honesty” at one time in his life, but when you’re hanging around people with questionable characters, then people begin to ask questions about yours as well. And where there’s smoke (MZM campaign contributions), there’s usually a fire of some kind (the timing of his votes in Congress).

If Ruff is supporting Virgil Goode and raising his character as sacrosanct, then maybe I ought to check into his background as well.


At 8:49 AM, Blogger mar said...


First time visitor to your site -- good work!

This is so typical of what republicans do when they get caught: assert themselves as pillars of decency and upstanding service, deny all charges, and accuse democrats of playing politics.

It's so transparent and disgusting. Look, if we had a dem representative and he was playing fast-and-loose with campaign contributions and earmarking, I'd be seriously pissed off as well.

What's really disturbing is that republicans are ALWAYS willing to "stand firm" behind the rest of their ilk because for them it's ONLY ABOUT THE PARTY and never about good governance. Even though standing "firm" really amounts to lying and smearing.

The truth hurts, and they're masters of making sure it doesn't come out.

This is a perfect example.


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