Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Al Weed - Can a candidate be that wonderful?

As I've said before, I am researching both 5th District Democratic candidates and pointing out problems that I have with their platforms, backgrounds, and job records. I'm asking questions of the candidates and, as any potential constituent should, expecting answers.

I've spent some time researching Al Weed on the Internet. And, so far, I only find information telling how hard he's worked over the last three years both on his campaigns and to build up the Democratic base in the 5th District, how down-to-earth he is, and the many organizations to which he belongs or offers support. He’s appears to be a very busy man, as the events list on his website easily shows.

Despite losing to Virgil Goode in 2004, he has continued to work for the good of Southside Virginia. He obviously didn't go back to Nelson County to turn his back on the 5th District voters and lick his wounds. Nope--he established Public Policy Virginia with leftover campaign funds. The ideas he discusses at campaign events show that both thought and time have been invested in examining all aspects of problems he has observed in the district (and on the national level as well). He is knowledgeable about biofuels, veterans affairs, and health care. He cares about the environment, education and election reform. He has position papers available on what he calls his “vision.”

So, can a candidate be that wonderful? Based on my research thus far, I’d have to say “Yes.”


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