Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Hey, check it out!

Bern Ewert told the Register & Bee reporter on Saturday that he had filed with the FEC. As of this morning, there is still no record of that on the official Elections Commission site. And, more interesting than that, is the fact that Bern’s name no longer appears on the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) site showing the Virginia races either. According to the DCCC, "This website is updated the first business day of each week with the FEC filings."

Looks like the only people that may be fooled here are the state Democratic leaders, the 5th District's leadership and county chairmen and/or voters who will believe what he has said (in Richmond at the 5th District/Central Committee meetings) or what they read in the newspaper and who don't go check this information out for themselves.

For your convenience, I’ve included links in my sidebar to both the FEC and DCCC sites that show exactly what I’m talking about. You can use these links to check his status whenever you want. I know I’ll be using them.

By the way, still no response from Bern on my question sent by email yesterday. (Come to think of it, he still hasn't responded to some questions I sent to him personally on Saturday and forwarded to his webmaster on Sunday). Makes me wonder about the campaign staff he referred to in that same Register & Bee article. Just like with the FEC, saying it doesn't make it so.

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