Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Al Weed/Bern Ewert - Research Update

I’m still looking around on the Internet. If there’s anything to be found, I can usually find it. This week I’ve checked twice as many sites for Al specifically as I’ve checked for Bern with the following to report:

  • So far the only negative thing about Al that I've come across is the fact that Virgil beat him in 2004. But, considering that neither candidate has ever had an elected position, this is immaterial. While Bern may have name recognition in some areas of the district, what he supports is not fully fleshed out (see the next point).
  • Al’s take on the issues are the main point of emphasis on several sites at which I've looked. Even on the Band of Brothers site (as well as the Fighting Dems, The Randi Rhodes Show on the Air America Radio site, Blue Force Blog, and Draft Zinni), Al has a link to the issues he supports. If Bern is listed on the site, only his bio appears. Bern’s blurb, when it does appear, says, “…I am also ready for an end to the empty slogans put forth as policy and ready to replace them with Real Solutions that strengthen our nation.” Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any solutions with enough details to really evaluate. Even on Bern’s own campaign website, his issues page is blank (as is his calendar page).
  • Al is listed on the Act Blue site and on many of the above military sites with a link to his website’s contributions page. Bern has a box on his website for donations; but there does not appear to be a link. I get a line of javascript each time I try to create a hyperlink to include here.

Well, it’s late. I’ll do more research tomorrow.


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