Monday, March 27, 2006

On the flip side

In response to Greg Kane's comment about my FEC complaint filing on Waldo Jacquith's site, I posted the following comment this morning:

Yes, we have found the Internet in Cumberland County, Greg. Interesting that you do not refute even one of the posts I've put on my site--you only attack our committee's lack of a website.

On the flip-side, are you saying that the other county committees who do not have a website haven't found the web yet? I'm referring to Bedford City, Bedford County, Brunswick County, Campbell County, Charlotte County, Greene County, Halifax County, Henry County, Lunenberg County, the City of Martinsville, Mecklenberg County, Pittsylvania County and Prince Edward County.

More often than not, county committees do not have a website or at least one linked to the district website. So be careful what kind of comments you throw around, since you leave a lot open to conjecture.

Thanks, Waldo, for the sideblog. I’ve posted about your generosity on my own site.

I read several blogs each week and enjoy what they have to say. For more information on what's going on politically and otherwise, check out the blogs in my Links section. There are several excellent ones listed there. Each of them has another list of links to blogs across the Internet on their own pages.


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