Sunday, March 26, 2006

Thanks, Waldo!

My site has been experiencing a lot of activity lately. In checking my referrals on Site Meter, a lot of them have come from Waldo sideblogging my FEC complaint story. Pretty soon that post will replace my blog homepage as the number one entry page. Of course, the Joe Knollenberg story comes third in my list right now. I even found some people in Michigan looking at that one. I am finding the blogging experience to be fascinating--especially when you can check all the statistics. I just love facts and figures.

Interestingly enough, even Bern Ewert's webmaster has posted a comment on Waldo's site about my complaint. He wrote several paragraphs actually--a lot of which is probably questionable since he is paid by Bern. Ironically he doesn't refute anything I've said, just made a lot of dismissive statements. Most of them are directed at the local county committee, of which I am a member only. The committee doesn't tell me what to do on this blog and I don't ask for their approval of what I write. Unlike Greg, no one pays for my time either--for research, web work or writing. I'm simply tired of dishonest candidates and I'll work for free to get the message out whenever I feel the need.

Greg and Bern have not really checked into the local committee here. Bern did not even respond to personal invitations to speak to us that were made two weeks before this blog ever went online. Yes, Bern, you were issued invitations on February 11, 2006, in Richmond to speak to our committee and to attend our Patriot Day celebration this spring. Thanks for getting back to us. Of course, with the non-functional calendar on the Ewert campaign website, we can't even check to see if you've penciled us in anyway.

Whether you want it or not, here's some information for you, Greg :
  • The Democratic Committee's chairmanship changed in the last three months. Our leader is a long time Democrat and activist. He's been watching politics since the late 1970's and has been working on campaigns since 1984. So he's not a new kid on the block and we are not the same committee that we were even six months ago.
  • Our chair has also been playing around on the Internet since 1993--before it ever became the World Wide Web as we know it now. He has worked on several websites, including some locally. As a computer literacy instructor, I am far from a newbie as well. When it comes to a county committee website, we've talked about it. But right now a couple of us are planning to do an Anti-Virgil website instead. Another chance to put those research skills to use. [I'm sure if I was using them against Virgil when Bern was the only Democratic candidate, there wouldn't be any problem with what I was doing.] We'll focus our energies on that site and then work on a county one later. It's not like we're the only committee without a website. Are you throwing rocks at them, too?
  • Vitriol? Obviously, Bern is now feeling abused, poor thing. Well, all I have to say about that is this: If Bern had been more honest about his record in the first place, then none of this would have come out in an effort to fill in the gaps he created in his own background. The same goes for not answering my questions regarding my concerns and his FEC filings. And let's not forget the still missing Dickie Cranwell support letter in this as well. Everybody talks about it, Bern uses the information at every opportunity, but no one can find it. What is that old saying? Either put up or...
  • Valid, but marginal--valid I can see, since the details I provide usually speak for themselves and I link to the original sources. Marginal? That's more difficult. Let's see.... How about: Despite the fact that Bern keeps saying that no one has ever come back from 36% to win an election, I can't find any evidence to verify this statement anywhere. Bern claims that Al Weed will not win against Virgil even if he is nominated at the convention. You know, Virgil Goode's website doesn't mention Bern Ewert anywhere at all. I can't even find a recent article where Virgil has even mentioned Bern as one of his opponents. Although I can find plenty where the Democrats are talking about Virgil. Marginal must therefore describe Virgil's opinion of Bern as a contender for the 5th District Democratic candidacy.
  • Lots of things have been slipped past some of the 5th District voters--but not all of us. In Cumberland, we are watching all of the candidates--and so far Bern is the one that has been found to appear the most dishonest. [Of course, until this recent fiasco involving MZM, many in the 5th District felt that Virgil was honest too. And some still do. We'll see how that changes as more details come out while Mitchell Wade's case progresses.]
Like it or lump it--we're not going to change here in Cumberland. As my grandma always said, "Make sure your nose is clean and your conscience won't have anything to worry about."


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